An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Mom Talking

Yes that was my mother talking, eat an apple and you won’t need to see your medical doctor. She was trying to plant a seed so to speak. I can honestly say that every day I speak to clients that just hate to see their medical doctor and the main reason is lack of trust and confidence in their treatments. It’s about medication and Band-Aids.  But, when they speak of their Chiropractor I hear about positive experiences and the feeling of finding the cause of their ailments and developing a total wellness program.

I speak often about three areas of focus that will make a positive difference in your life along with starting a wellness program. Increasing Oxygen levels; reducing Acid and preventing Oxidative Stress. Because of my upcoming visit to Chiropractic Unlimited in the Grand Rapids, MI, the topic of Acid reduction I think is a good starting point.


Pumped Up

I am so excited about this visit to see Dr Vince. The doctors have two locations and one is called the Facility. A full blown Performance Recovery Center where many professional and high level athletes receive needed treatments.  Also offered is Functional Movement Screening to determine extended inefficiencies of the body and all doctors focus on Passion first.  This Passion allows them to promote total wellness including Chiropractic, diet, nutrition, back and neck pain and much more.

Focus Time

If you’re aging, or a high performance athlete, it’s time to understand and avoid excess acid build up in your muscles, a condition called Sport Induced Acidosis. Athletes are breaking performance barriers at record speed. Reasons: advancements in training, sports medicine, physical therapy, and greater understanding among coaches and athletes of human body chemistry and the role nutrition and body chemistry plays— control of sports induced acidosis through acid-base balance.


When you are under physical and dietary stresses, it can lead to acid imbalances, most commonly lactic acid which indicates excess hydrogen ion (acid) buildup. Whatever your level of intensity, a healthy acid balance can mean the difference between greater athletic achievement or coming up short by muscle “burn” or cramping.

PH Balancing Act

Proper pH balance is key to good health and it is absolutely essential to athletic performance. pH is measured on a 14-point scale, with 7 being neutral. The lower the pH value, the higher the acidity; the higher the pH value, the more alkaline. pH values vary throughout systems in the human body. Example, stomach acid has a very low pH value, ranging from 1.0 to 3.0 while digesting food. Pancreatic excretions are very high in pH value, ranging from 8.0 to 8.3. The pH value of arterial blood in a healthy person is balanced around the middle of the 14-point scale at a narrow range of 7.35 to 7.45, or just slightly alkaline.


This is the main reason that we added pHenomenal water  to our portfolio. It makes a concentrated form of liquid known as “Hydroxide”. A water missing one of the hydrogens atoms which are acid. When it enters your body it coverts back to H2O and the body can now remove excess water through the kidneys, skin and lungs. Both lactic and uric acid begin to leave your body.

As the body metabolizes fuel (i.e. food), acid wastes are created. To sustain a healthy blood pH balance, acid wastes must be removed from the body or neutralized. The body has many ways to flush acid waste out of the system, the lungs vent carbon dioxide, our kidneys filter blood and excrete acids through urine and skin sweats acids out of the system.

Always a Question – Here’s the Answer

Most serious athletes are familiar with the term “muscle burn.” Muscle burn is mainly the result of lactic acid which indicates hydrogen ion buildup in the system and is one effect of excess acid in the blood and tissue. Acid concentration increases when an athlete exceeds what is called the “lactate threshold,” the point at which the body can no longer flush or neutralize acid wastes as fast as they are being produced. Symptoms may persist after a high intensity event for as long as 48 hours. These physical consequences are attributable to the hydrogen ion and not the lactic acid itself. For this reason, lactic acid is mistakenly regarded as a waste product.

The recovery from intense exercise is also enhanced through the implementation of high intensity interval training, which serves to increase the speed with which lactic acid is recycled in the bloodstream.

A healthy diet is a good starting point. Cutting back on acid-producing foods and beverages such as coffee or soft drinks can help. But remember: just because a food is chemically acidic doesn’t automatically mean it’s an acid producing food. (So, for example, citrus fruits actually have an alkalizing effect on the body, as do most acidic fruits and vegetables.)

Aging and diet also play key roles. As we age, our systems that rid the body of acid waste don’t work as efficiently.


Performance Plus

Acid reduction means Better Health, More Energy. More Oxygen and a better you. Please consider the fact that if you make a conscious effort to improve your health your lifestyle both physically and spiritually improves. You’ll feel better, look better and stop the premature aging that can also promote weight gain.


So have that apple and find a Chiropractor that helps you develop a total wellness plan and please tell us about the new you. Note: Reach out for us if needed regarding how to continue increasing your Oxygen; Acid reduction and see some or our past blogs on Oxidative Stress.  We hope that you won’t be disappointed.


As always, I wish you the best of health. And yes, we too say this with Passion…

Michael DuBay
President bozoomer

Amazing things happen when we give our body what it needs.
And not so amazing things happen when we don’t.


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