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It’s Not Always Just About US

You may or may not have a family pet, but for those that do, you know the importance of keeping them free of harm. Add the following to your mental list of things that your pet is totally dependent on you for like food, water, letting them out to relieve themselves ect. Maybe you can even share this with a friend or neighbor.

Can you say for sure that your yard is not hazardous to your Pet’s Health? Last year alone the Animal Poison Control Center had over 18,000 calls about possible poisonings from toxic plants or garden chemicals.We have a Golden Retriever named Kaiser and our son is in the Landscaping business. He does organic fertilizing and does not use chemicals on his customer’s lawn or plants. I don’t ever want to be concerned about Kaiser’s health when he is outside playing on the grass and either should you be when it comes to your family pet.

Poisonous Plants to Watch For
Some plants are toxic to dogs and cats. Azaleas; begonias; clematis may cause diarrhea or vomiting or death in dogs. For cats, eating lilies can be fatal. A puppy may chew on yard plants where your dog may not. You can go to the ASPCA’s website and check the list for poisonous plants that may cause health issues.

Be Sure to Cover the Compost Pile
Even fruits and vegetables develop mold and fungus once it becomes compost. This becomes dangerous.

Flea and Tick Concerns
Rid your yard of leaf piles; tall grass and brush because these are area where fleas and ticks will find you puppy, dog or cat. Remove spilled birdseed that attracts deer, squirrels and mice that carry insects. Get rid of standing water like a birdbath that attracts mosquitoes as they transmit heartworm disease and yes can be fatal to dogs and cats.

What Mulch Too?
Yes especially cocoa mulch in your garden. It’s made from the hulls of cocoa beans and contains methylxanthines, the stimulants in chocolate that are toxic to dogs. Gravel, wood chips, pine needles for example work better.
It’s always a good idea to check with your Veterinarian if you are unsure or get a mobile app from which allows quick access to poison control information.
I’ll tell you from my heart, if anything happened to Kaiser that put his health at risk and that I had control over I would never forgive myself. He will always be our baby. We have even been using Organic Sulfur Crystals  in his water dish daily. Talk about a healthy dog. It’s not always about me.


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And not so amazing things happen when we don’t.


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