Organic Sulfur, Oxygen and Your Health


If you are going to start or continue exercising, then understanding your body’s basic functions will help.

I’m putting together a series of blogs devoted to this subject. The “change it up method” is a key ingredient to proper exercise. Not only changing a routine due to aging but changing to avoid complacency which leads to a lack of results or benefits.

We know that we get Oxygen two ways, breathing and ingesting Organic Sulfur Click Here. This reading however reflects oxygen and exercise. As we move on please allow me to put things into perspective. Research shows us what we have stated for years, oxygen enabled by Organic Sulfur also allows the body to cure itself through healthy cellular regeneration. It allows for a stronger bond and therefore stronger cartilage. Organic Sulfur is needed to form blood proteins and amino acids and provides the link to form collagen, the protein found in connective tissue.

Not a Vitamin; Supplement or Drug

Eating Organic Sulfur is a way of getting oxygen into your body, directly into the blood and lymph system. It’s worth considering that if the fundamental body organ, a body cell, is not working properly, the larger organs are not, and aerobic exercise will only be partially effective. If your body’s cells are not functioning properly, nothing is.

Oxygen is the enemy of all viruses either because it is present in the cell or the flexibility of the cell membrane which prevents the virus from tearing into the cell.

Now for the Exercise

When you breathe in air, oxygen is pulled out through the lungs and sent to the blood. Now you have the heart and arteries pumping oxygen-rich red blood cells around the body. When exercise starts, the muscles load oxygen and grab CO2. Blood is carried back to the heart and lungs where CO2 is dropped off and oxygen is picked up going from the lungs to the muscles.


This area is the coolest part of this series in my opinion. I remember it this way. The power in my house goes out due to a storm. I have a power generator (mitochondria) of the cell that converts oxygen and nutrients into chemical energy (currents). They call this aerobic respiration. We need this to survive. The more mitochondria that you have, the more oxygen you can use. Consuming oxygen improves performance and fat loss.

Mitochondria Building Blocks

My cardio consists of High-Intensity Intervals Training so I will focus there. Create the need, challenge yourself during exercise and the body will increase mitochondria production. Your exercise will need to be longer or have a higher intensity than you are used to. Note that your body will adapt to how your day is spent and your level of exercise once this happens change is needed.

Exercise Or Lack Of It

If there were a reason for lack of exercise it’s time. This is why high intensity for short periods work and because they produce results. Aging exercisers must get away from the mindset of, “I’m too old to exercise” and instead realize “You’re feeling older because you don’t exercise.” Want more info? Click here

Do you want to feel better, have more energy, and think clearly? Then Change…

As always, I wish you the best of health. And yes, we too say this with Passion…

Michael DuBay
President bozoomer

Amazing things happen when we give our body what it needs.
And not-so-amazing things happen when we don’t.