What’s Hiding?

What’s Hiding?

Do you have any idea of what is causing you to always seem tired or down right fatigued?

Fatigue can signal diabetes, anemia, hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid or low thyroid) or hepatitis C. Let me help out with some hidden causes of fatigue.

  1. Are you getting enough omega-3’s? Fish has a great amount of omega-3 fatty acids but most of us don’t eat enough. We recommend 2,000 mg of omega-3 supplement http://bozoomer.com/supplements/omega-3.html daily as this is also wonderful for cardio vascular health.
  1. Where are the nutrients? Because of today’s practices of herbicide and pesticide farming our soil has lost the minerals needed to fight fatigue. That’s why we suggest taking a multivitamin supplement http://bozoomer.com/supplements/just-3.html. As we age selenium, biotin, B-12, along with fruit and vegetable based products are just a few of the nutrients for our daily needs.
  1. I hate to say it but, junk food diet. If your diet is high in saturated fats, trans fats, processed foods and added sugars, well guess what? This will sap your energy. Change today to a diet high in a good protein http://bozoomer.com/supplements/whey-protein-26-isolate.html – like fish, nuts, beans but watch out for grains as these complex carbs affect insulin which in turn makes us heavier. More weight, the higher the blood sugar becomes.
  1. Not enough Vitamin D-3 – How do I know? Because most folks especially in the North East or Midwestern States has a major deficiency. Vitamin D-3 gives us energy and low levels cause low energy and depression. Vitamin D-3 and omega-3 are necessary for all of our 50 trillion cells in our body to work properly. Supplements are recommended  http://bozoomer.com/supplements/d-3.html.
  1. Sleep or lack of – Our focused efforts are the 40 and over group and that’s exactly when we start to have sleep difficulties. Living with teens, aging parents, work issues and low magnesium levels. For women, menopause and per menopause and lower levels of the female hormone progesterone which helps with sleep.
  1. Not making time for exercise – Lack of exercise can make you feel tired so regular exercise will most certainly boost your energy. A must is Coenzyme Q10 – Ubiquinol http://bozoomer.com/supplements/ubiquinol-coq10-160.html which helps enzymes produce energy in our cells and is blocked by statins (heart disease drugs).
  1. Missing out on the most important food source – Organic Sulfur plays an important part in tissue breathing and has a vital relationship with protein. Organic Sulfur is a food – NOT a vitamin or a drug and promotes healthy cells and oxygen levels http://bozoomer.com/supplements/organic-sulfur-crystals.html.

This is a start to make a difference in how you can change the way that you feel and be more exciting for your partner and friends. If you follow the lucky 7 guidelines to winning the battle of fatigue, I promise you, you will develop an enhanced positive attitude towards life and take a leadership role in its direction.  

Please share this with those that you care about.

Warm Regards,


President, bozoomer

Amazing things happen when we give our body what it needs.

And not so amazing things happen when we don’t.

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