Summer Hydration

July, August and maybe if we’re lucky into September we are working and living and don’t forget playing and exercising during these hot months. If you live in the Midwest or North East then you will agree that you may have had enough cold weather during this past winter.

Your body has to work harder when the temperature is hot and the humidity makes things even worst. I spent some days in Arizona for a Chiropractic Convention early June. Even as the temperature was 109 the humidity was only 8%. But for the most part during these months your heart rate moves up, you sweat out water and important minerals, your blood becomes thicker and, as a result, you burn more calories. That’s great if you want to lose weight, and if that’s the case do it correctly but if you want to avoid the dangerous side effects of exerting yourself in these very hot conditions, you have to support your body with supplements. (It’s the rest and recovery process after exertion that makes your body better off than it was before.) Supplementation plays an important role in giving your body the necessary fuel to regenerate itself.

To start: Electrolytes are necessary to a range of vital functions in our bodies – they send signals to nerves, contracting muscles and making sure that water gets to where it needs to be. Potassium is one of the most important electrolytes, but when you sweat, potassium is slowly flushed out of your system. Many energy and recovery drinks provide potassium. Bananas are an excellent and natural source of potassium. Grab one before, during or after your day in the heat — it’s also easy to digest. I always put one into my Protein shake as well.


The thought of ingesting protein for some when it’s muggy outside isn’t pleasant, but you absolutely have to have protein for fuel. It’s the second most abundant substance in our body next to water. Every cell, hair, skin, nails, eyes. muscles and body organs are made of Protein Without it, your body will begin to cannibalize itself. But to make it pleasant just add fruit, ice, bananas and now it sounds good doesn’t it?

Water: Yes this is the most plentiful substance in our body. More than half the content of the cells in your body are composed of water. If your water consumption is too low, your energy level will drop. Without it, you’ll die. Water is so vital to enduring hot and humid weather that it seems wrong to call it a supplement. An essential would seem to be a better word. But chronic dehydration is extremely common, particularly in the most intense environments, so supplementing would be an improvement. Adults need approximately 55 to 64 ounces of water per 100 lbs of body weight per day.

Now this is optimum. Try at least 64oz but note, in muggy weather, the requirements go up. You can easily gauge if your body needs more water by examining the color of your urine. If it’s clear, then you’re treating your body correctly.

Chloride-Sodium is another electrolyte and it’s necessary for proper body function. Chloride and sodium together create – sodium chloride. Sodium chloride is better known as salt. While large amounts of salt are unhealthy, it can’t and shouldn’t be avoided. It may sound counterintuitive, but salt actually helps you stay hydrated. It helps your body absorb water to help you in intense conditions or help you rehydrate after exertion. In the days following a tough workout in the sun or even an extended vacation in humid climates, it’s not only safe to increase your salt intake but recommended. Without sodium your body can become dangerously unstable. It sounds unnatural to ingest sodium when all you want is water. But consuming large amounts of water without sodium can cause hyponatremia — also known as water intoxication. In hyponatremia, one or more factors — ranging from an underlying medical condition to drinking too much water during endurance sports — causes the sodium in your body to become diluted. When this happens, your body’s water levels rise, and your cells begin to swell. This swelling can cause many health problems, from mild to life-threatening. So listen up my heavy exercising friends.

Vitamin D-3:

This is an important part of your immune system. It also builds strong bones and, as a result, is particularly important for women and aging adults hoping to avoid osteoporosis and great for stress related issues. It’s not easy to find in foods, but it is produced by spending time in the sun. Sunscreen however, which is intended to protect you from too much sun exposure, also minimizes the amount of vitamin D-3 produced. That’s why vitamin D-3 supplements are so helpful. You don’t want skin cancer, and you don’t want brittle bones and a weakened immune system, so what you do want is vitamin D-3 in a supplement form

Omega-3 Fish Oil:

A long day in the sun can make you extremely tired and sore. Not only are you exhausted, your muscles are likely inflamed. Omega-3s can help. These fatty acids have received a lot of press in recent years and one of the top selling supplements in the Country. They relieve inflamed muscles, improve cardio vascular health and even alleviate depression Fish is an excellent source of Omega-3s but as a supplement, Omega-3 fatty acids come in gel capsule form

Now this is just to help lead you into a safe and healthy summer season. Show your family and friends how wise you’ve become and share with them some of your new found wisdom. Remember, supplements are meant to supplement a balanced diet. The problem is – just that. This makes supplementation even more important.

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