Committing to a lifelong change

A friend just sent me this amazing article to reinforce what we have been saying about the things that we eat or drink and how it affects all of us. There are a lot more issues than just the loss of intelligence.  Please don’t think that you start a new supplement and in three days you’re a new person. That may happen when you’re taking drugs. But then you worry about the side affects. 
Watch the next drug commercial on T.V. Have your phone recorder ready. Because you won’t be able to write it all down.  Record all of the side affects and diseases or recorded cases of things like cancer that the promoted drug can cause or has caused. The amazing thing is that the only thing people remember is, “it can make my skin softer or my eyes look better.”  
Remember, pharmaceutical companies can’t patent natural products only drugs can be patented and they make their money on patented drugs. Get it? 
You are committing to a life long change. When you stop a supplement or as in Pure Organic Sulfur – a food, in five years you will say, “I only wish that I didn’t stop that five years ago.”  Our business is based on passion, won’t it be great to feel the same passion about your life. Don’t take short cuts just get addicted to health.
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