Loyalty First

With a warm heart I say thank you for the past year that was filled with the most unbelievable amount of new relationships that I can call friendships. It’s so great to hear about life changing experiences that quite simply gives you this feeling of power that you want all of your friends and family to be on the same page as you.

About You

This writing is really about you, our loyal clients. You see, I am a downright believer that you must have empathy towards your business family, the clients that we interact with every day. I know that you have choices when it comes to shopping and you choose us. I can’t express enough how appreciative that I am towards the Loyalty that you have.

About bozoomer

In as much as this company is a family run business, bozoomer is really about passion. When I state that I’m the founder of bozoomer, it’s really about how I found you. I love what I do because I have been blessed with a passion to help people to get a better understanding of being healthy and share my 30 plus years of experience working with Supplements.


On our warehouse wall is a sign that talks about family and references that family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life that want you in theirs. Sometimes you may just want to ask a question or need a conversation, well that means you should reach out to us because passion allows us to receive with open arms. I call this opportunity, “Fun Stuff”. I can honestly tell you that allowing me to have some fun meeting new folks is much appreciated.

Loyalty and You

We are blessed with new friends each day. Sometimes I just randomly call a new friend that doesn’t know that they are a new friend, but I do. “Just calling to say hello, thank you! And wondering if you have any questions. I’m not doing anything unique, it is in my opinion, it’s how a relationship should be started.

Now the Fun Part

Effective with this reading, you are considered our Loyal Family. The friends that visit us and also have been instrumental in introducing your friends to us as well. You have clout and it’s important to acknowledge that. We are issuing you a special Loyalty Code to use every time that you visit us.

This will allow you a discount of 15% off your entire purchase. Even on quantity or free item purchases. Only the gift or multi-packs are not included because the saving opportunity is better than the discount off.

What’s the Code?

I almost forgot – It’s being sent to you in our Newsletter so please watch for it. Please keep this number is a safe place. So after you add your items to the cart a box is there to add this code. Then click apply code. It’s as easy as that. Remember, family isn’t just blood.

Why Are We Telling You

Because our loyal clients need to know and have a full understanding of how we appreciate you and what you do makes a difference in your life.

I wish the New Year brings you the best of health. And yes, we too say this with Passion…

Michael DuBay
President bozoomer

Amazing things happen when we give our body what it needs.
And not so amazing things happen when we don’t.


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