Killing You Softly

Do you ever have those head scratching moments? You know, the ones where you say to yourself, “what just happened”.

So I’m at this function and someone brought a person to me and asked me if I could mention some reasons for him to stop drinking sodas. I look at this as a rescue moment or I’ve learned it usually is me speaking to deaf ears. Sad right? So I begin by addressing his Mountain Dew.  Look for sodium benzoate, when combined with citric acid it converts into benzene which is a carcinogenic substance. Sodium benzoate even by itself is a concern because it causes significant damage to your body cells. Research shows it may speed up the aging process. He looks at his soda label and sees both of these poisons and says, “I hasn’t killed me yet”. Wow! That’s why I said deaf ears.


Let’s go through the steps: Around 10 to 15 minutes after you drink your pop/soda, about 10 teaspoons of sugar will hit your body. Understand that this is the full 100 percent of your daily intake. Now this is when it starts getting ugly. After 20 minutes, you get a blood sugar spike and hits your liver-converting this huge amounts of sugar into fat. The caffeine absorption starts around 45 minutes then your brain has the same response as a heroin feeling and then you start a sugar crash.


No Diet Will Help

Why is it that so many think it’s okay to drink a chemical cocktail? Artificial sweeteners stimulate your appetite, increases carbohydrate cravings, stimulates fat storage and weight gain. You will also get the same insulin effects from diet sodas as with regular. Research found that over a course of 9 years, the average two-a-day diet-soda drinker puts on five times more belly fat than people that drink none. Artificial sweeteners have more intense flavor than real sugar and over time diet sodas dull your senses to naturally sweet foods like fruit. Fact is that artificial sweeteners trigger insulin and sends your body into fat storage mode and leads to weight gain. Drinking diet pop has a psychological effect as well, that’s why consuming something that doesn’t have liquid calories makes it easier to justify that bag of potato chips or that double cheeseburger or even the extra pizza.


What happens when you’re stressed? You seek comfort to relieve the tension. Often you turn to sugar or starchy foods. High carb foods can cause a quick spike in blood sugar and feel good serotonin levels. BOTH crash quickly with more stress and overeating.



There isn’t one good thing that drinking diet soda does for your body. The best no-calorie beverage? Plain old good quality WATER.

Non chlorinated please…

You are Being Stripped?

Adults and kids who drink too much soda are not getting the essential vitamins and minerals that keep your immune system fighting off diseases. You get NOTHING from drinking soft drinks. We (meaning everyone) have many nutritional deficiencies, but the top three are Organic Sulfur; Magnesium and Iodine. Drinking unhealthy makes you unhealthier and takes away the opportunity to help you control weight gains. Why do you think we developed a Multi-Vitamin? You needed something that was easy and made sense to consume, so we call it JUST 3 – click here for more info. The one a day does nothing as a Multi needs to be spread out during the day.


Stretch your arms out, come on stretch and gather up all of your energy and push it out. This is powerful and may only last a moment. This boost may be just what you need at that special time when you need momentum. Attack your problems when they are at their weakest point and that is when you are at your strongest.


As always, we wish you the best of health. Please email this to a friend.


Michael DuBay

President bozoomer


Amazing things happen when we give our body what it needs.

And not so amazing things happen when we don’t.


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