Do unto others

Do unto others

Am I really suggesting that we do something for others before we take care of ourselves?

Look I’m busy, and it takes effort and time to give people cuts in my line. We were out with friends last evening watching the Super Bowl. The young lady that took care of us was great! Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could send her manager a note on how well she did? What is a note really going to do for her? There were five other people at my table so why can’t one of them send the note or make the call? I’m busy!

When I’m exercising in the gym or not eating bad processed foods – is this for me or my family and friends? Please allow me to share this unexpected note from a customer/client of ours, her name is Heather.

I just wanted to say thank you for going above and beyond when sending my package of Organic Sulfur!!! I opened the box and my Husband said it looked like a gift idea from Pinterest due to the cute filling. Along with my Organic Sulfur, tucked away nicely, came an envelope FILLED with valuable information not just concerning my OS but general health.

We loved that you included the not so obvious signs of a heart attack as many have no clue. I now have the convenient magnet on my fridge for quick reference.

I am a new customer whom now has the utmost respect for your company. I cannot wait to see what Organic Sulfur does for my family & will keep you updated on our progress.

Thank you SO much all the way from Italy Tx 🙂


How exceptionally kind it was for Heather to go out of her way to make our day. She didn’t do this for her, she did it for us. We (I believe) are put on this Earth for the benefit of others. Our friends and family want us to be around for a while. Take care of yourself for others and they in turn will learn to take care of themselves for all that is special around them.

It’s about Passion

For all the many folks that I have had the honor to speaking to on the phone or in writing, I thank you! All of the things that we do, we do with passion first. That is why our contact with you draws a fine line between finishing our conversation with a big smile or a tear.

I remember the evening when Mary called, she spoke of her family that are clients of ours and how much better they are doing. Then Mary said to me, “I’m 91 years old and I want to start taking care of myself”. This was a tear night. But isn’t it interesting that she spoke of her family first?

So, eat right; exercise; hydrate; diet; practice good hygiene because you’re doing this for your loved ones…

And by the way, the manager of the restaurant got a call this morning telling him how wonderful Kourtney was.

As always, wishing you the best of health.

3 beautiful minutes…

Thank You

Michael DuBay

President bozoomer


Amazing things happen when we give our body what it needs.

And not so amazing things happen when we don’t.






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